Community Outreach

The Kama’ole Solar Project will proactively reach out to and engage the community to listen for concerns and opportunities for support. Frequent and meaningful communication will be critical for minimizing impacts and maximizing the benefits of the project on a timely basis.

At this preliminary stage of the project, the project has obtained high-level support from Haleakala Ranch. We have had extensive conversations with the ranch management on the importance of their deep roots in Maui, the trust and respect they have earned over their 132-year history, and their desire to work closely with the community on this project. 

We have retained a Maui-based firm to assist with our goals for engaging with the community. They will be actively interviewing individuals and groups for their perspectives on renewable energy, projects in general, and specifically their views about the Kama’ole Solar Project.

As our outreach progresses, we will be asking Maui residents about what they feel are the most pressing needs in the community. This input will inform our development of a community benefits plan.’

Mailing Address

Potentia Renewables Inc
200 Wellington Street West, Suite 1102
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C7

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